Opposite Day is a band in Austin Texas, playing educational art-rock for animals since 2001. They sort of look like this:

photo by Erica Brokaw


Tuesday 5/26 at the Mohawk

  it’s MOHAWK time again! Strap on your Mohawk prosthetic and ride your mohawk-vehicle down to the mohawk-livemusicvenue. There’ll be tons hawking mo’s. How about the Voluptuous Neighbors and All She Wrote? They’ve got new hairstyles and good smelling shampoo to share with you too. BRUSH YOUR TEETH!

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Reindeer Flotilla on Bandcamp

Check out highlights from Reindeer Flotialla album, Opposite Day’s 2011 instrumental album that works as a score for TRON! Reindeer Flotilla (Highlights) by Opposite Day

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