Opposite Day’s New Album: I Calculate Great

“Opposite Day seizes the viscera with finely oiled musicianship running headlong into spellbinding time changes, but their appetite for whimsy and subliminal pop smarts steers clear of mathematical vapor lock.” –  Austin Chronicle

Austin Art-rock / prog-pop veterans Opposite Day release their 10th album I Calculate Great. Eight new originals and 2 covers blend styles of math-rock, ochestrated jazz, exotica, funk, space-pop and metal with the band’s characteristic odd-time finely-wrought compositions about animals, science, space, and philosophy. Or more to the point: these are a bunch of tricky pop songs with crazy prog-metal passages.


  • There’s music videos for “Panda Formula” and “Noise Noise” (scroll down)
  • “Making Tornadoes” features a small orchestra
  • 2 Cover songs include David Bowie’s “Life on Mars?” and Ravel’s “Bolero”
  • Album cover is by local Austin illustrator Tim Doyle

Fun Facts:

  • We’ve got shows booked through October to promote this thingy in TX, OK, KS, and MO
  • Our new Drummer is Eoghan McCloskey (from Vex), but Pat Kennedy recorded drums on this album before he left the band last year.


Upcoming Dates

10/13 – Austin, TX – Swan Dive

10/25 – Denton, TX – Abbey Underground

10/26 – Kansas City, MO – Records with Merritt

10/27 – Lawrence, KS – Jackpot Saloon

10/28 – Tulsa, OK – Beehive Lounge

Contact: Sam Arnold

Greg Yancey – Bass, Vocals
Eoghan McCloskey – Drums
Sam Arnold – Guitar, Lead Vocals

Here are some more nice things people have said about Opposite Day in recent years:

A review in Chromatique.net (a French prog site) says: Syncopated, compact, often aggressive, sometimes measured, the fifteen songs leave little respite.”

A review on the Prog Site Expose – “a sonic assault of bass-driven raucous dissonance flirting with RIO and art-rock”

A review of the CD and a show on Progulator – “a canvas for killer jazz guitar melodies, funky bass lines, punk and/ or metal patterns in the drums, and then it all changes again, and the world of progressive rock says, “Thank you.”

A review from Houston Blog Music From The Other Side of the Room – “twisted signatures, math-prig-punk-pop… and the true essence of the concept storyline”