Opposite Day’s New Album: Space Taste Race Part 2

Band contact: Sam Arnold

Booking/management: Josh Robins
jjsnibor@gmail.com 512-656-0357


Greg Yancey – Bass, Vocals
Pat Kennedy – Drums, Octapad, Percussion
Sam Arnold – Guitar, Lead Vocals

What others are saying:
Greg Beets at the Austin Chronicle – “Opposite Day seizes the viscera with finely oiled musicianship running headlong into spellbinding time changes, but their appetite for whimsy and subliminal pop smarts steers clear of mathematical vapor lock.”

A review in Chromatique.net (a French prog site) says: Syncopated, compact, often aggressive, sometimes measured, the fifteen songs leave little respite.”

A review on the Prog Site Expose – “a sonic assault of bass-driven raucous dissonance flirting with RIO and art-rock”

A review of the CD and a show on Progulator – “a canvas for killer jazz guitar melodies, funky bass lines, punk and/ or metal patterns in the drums, and then it all changes again, and the world of progressive rock says, “Thank you.”

Oliver Arditi UK-Based News and reviews focussed on local, independent, leftfield, experimental, progressive or plain good music. – “Jerky funk metal, heavy riffs, layered anthemic choruses, twinkly atmospheres, psychedelic pop, and, yes, prog-rock, all jostle for our ears’ attention, in complex arrangements that always sound coherent and stylistically unified, even as they flip-flop unpredictably from groove to groove.”

A review from Houston Blog Music From The Other Side of the Room – “twisted signatures, math-prig-punk-pop… and the true essence of the concept storyline”


What we’re saying:

Opposite Day are Austin’s reigning kings of math-pop. Performing with the technicality and energy of a metal band, coupled with the finesse of a jazz combo, they are able to seamlessly weave catchy melodies and hooks along with deceptively complex rhythmic patterns, funky grooves, heavy riffs, and improvisation into finely-wrought musical arrangements. Although they can shred with stop-on-a-dime precision that few bands can achieve, they would rather engage you with clever, educational lyrics and memorable songs that just happen to be performed with virtuosic levels of musicianship.

Since 2001, this musically agile trio has been performing shows of pure creativity that inspire the musicians in the audience to go home and practice, along with the songwriters to rise the next day to create. They are always fun, always smiling, always smart, and never pretentious. As recording artists, they have constantly kept it fresh with songs about animals, personified glaciers, and Sci-Fi, always tracked as a muscular trio before the ample embellishments get slathered on. They’ve done an alternate score to the original Tron film, a covers album of all of Madonna’s 80s hits in their own style, and are about to release the second installment of a concept album about traveling the solar system in order to find out what it tastes like.

Space Taste Race Part 2 is the 6th full-length album from Austin Art-Rock legends Opposite Day, and the follow-up to their 2012 EP” Space Taste Race Part 1. The theme centers on an earth-based civilization exploring outer space for the primary purpose of discovering its flavors. The diverse variety of songs explore this journey from numerous angles: the backstory of the crew, the feelings and concerns of being in a small spinning spaceship, the conflicts between science and safety, between reason and ambition, the nature of consciousness, and even their doubts about the reality of their own experience. The mythological etymology of the celestial bodies also provide additional gravitas to the narratives.

Like a puzzle, the album order can be rearranged to create divergent narratives, including 7 of the songs functioning as a soundtrack (musically and lyrically) to George Melies’ 1905 silent short film ‘”A Trip to the Moon”.


Recent tour Dates

6/13 – Austin Voyager Festival
7/16 – Norman, OK – Red Brick Bar
7/17 – Lawrence, KS – Frank’s Tavern
7/18 – Carbondale, IL – WDBX Summer concert with Cheer-Accident and Yowie.
7/19 – Fort Worth – The Grotto
8/7 – Houston – Continental Club