Feb 07

Dream Eater CD (includes Sam’s guitar) Release party (includes Opposite Day)

Playing some more rocks coming up Saturday February 16. This is a special show because Opposite Day is opening for Dream Eater, a proggy punkish band who is releasing their new EP which Sam played some of the guitar on. So there’s that! Should be a great show all around, starts at 9pm, $5. 

Dream Eater: https://dreameateratx.bandcamp.com/releases

THE DEAD COATS: https://thedeadcoats.bandcamp.com/

CABIN MAN: https://cabinman.bandcamp.com/

MÜ: https://soundcloud.com/mu_muse

Jan 13

Reviews of Divide By Nothing!

The recent EP Divide By Nothing has gotten some wonderful reviews. If you like being told what to think, and/or agreeing with great writers who love our music as much as you, check out reviews in Vents Magazine, Skope Mag, Gashouse Radio, No Depression, MobAngeles and Can This Even Be Called Music to name a few.

The EP is of course available everywhere fine EPs are sold, and probably some places that also sell terrible EPs as well. Waterloo Records, iTunes, Spotify, CDBaby, all that.

Oct 05

Thursday 10/11, Last Show with Eoghan, EP release

This coming Thursday 10/11, we’re going to cap off a very productive year-ish of writing and gigging with the incomparable drummer Eoghan McCloskey before he permanently leaves Opposite Day for other projects.

We’d really like to see you at the highly-special show! We’re also celebrating the release of our new EP Divide By Nothing which was lovingly arranged with the Eoghan version of Opposite Day throughout 2017. We are very proud of it!

And of course, Consider the Source will blow your face away, so come on out, you

$12 (plus a minor surcharge) – TIX GET GOT HERE

Sep 21

The new EP: Divide by Nothing

Stream our new EP on Spotify!

Sep 17

Another Video Has Been Made

Another video for our EP being released 9/20/18. This is the second video from Opposite Day’s 2018 EP Divide By Nothing. As you can see, we had some fun with studio cams and chroma-key whatever in Adobe Premier. Full band/drum cam recorded at AMP studios, south Austin, TX.

Sep 12

We’re back! New video.

We’re excited to start celebrating the completion of our new EP Divide by Nothing with a couple videos and then a show on October 11. The official CD release is Sept 20, 2018. Here’s the first video, filmed in 2017 and 2018 in Austin, Denton, Kansas City, MO, Tulsa and Lawrence.

Nov 05

Reviews of I Calculate Great

We’ve gotten a handful of lovely reviews of our album so far. Two of them are on an amazing site called Exposé, a bastion of the promotion of progressive rock. Download all their articles and print them on paper and sleep among the papers. Wake up refreshed!

The 3rd review is on an awesome blog out of Houston called Music from the other side of the room. Read it, then close your eyes, look at a blank surface, and see your future.

If you’d like to review our album, you can either submit it to a site, start your own blog, launch or join someone else’s a media empire, or do that on iTunes!

Oct 03

New Album: I Calculate Great

The new album is Here! Buy it via Bandcamp, CDBaby at Waterloo records, iTunes, Spotify, or in person Friday October 13 at Swan Dive

Read more about it in our EPK.

Sep 08

New video for upcoming album

We’ve created a video for one of the songs on our new album, “Panda Formula.” Back in the spring of 2016, we got a bunch of people to dance around to the song. Those people are: Marianthe O Perce Austin Luminais Kris Lindahl Melanie Lindahl Quinn, Liv, and Ellie Lindahl Talia D’Abramo Dave Irish Maria Howell Loli DeGrush Philip White Leslie Haak Mark Obnosticon Carolyn Louise Snoopy Joe Melvin Eric McFarlin Kasia Barenska.


Aug 08

14 mics, 0 plans: Volume 1

We made an improvised live recording in June. It turned out good, so we put it on Bandcamp. Listening to the songs in order is fun, but you can also listen on shuffle for maximum disorientation.

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