Dec 16

Back Atcha, December 29

15541502_10154884062298944_6110352868340965901_nGuess what?

It’s time for Opposite Day to rock at you again! It’s been since August, people.

Since the departure of the beloved Pat Kennedy from Opposite Day in June, we began auditioning new drummers. Then, immediately after Pat’s last show, Sam got a bad infection which caused partial temporary facial paralysis and tinnitus and a serious case of not feeling like doing a whole lot for a couple months.

Thanks to the gracious drummage of Dave Irish and the miracle of modern medicine, the band was able to keep their commitments in August and do a mini tour up to Illinois and Missouri plus a cool Voyager show at Sidewinder, however drummer auditions and booking took a back seat to healing and not canceling stuff.

Now that December has arrived and 2016 is coming to a welcome end, Opposite Day would like one last chance to rock you and show off our NEW DRUMMER, Eoghan McCloskey.

Thursday, December 29, Hole in the Wall

$5. 10pm – Opposite Day

11pm – Girling

Oct 30

Electronic album preview

Opposite Day Guitarist Sam Arnold has been staying busy during the time between drummers. This project is an Opposite Day-themed electronic album. Here are early versions a few of the 15 songs. Full release next month!

Aug 19

midwest mini tour!

Opposite Day’s on road again, hitting some of our favorite places in the middle of the USA!! If you don’t already live in one of these places, be sure to move there in time to get a job and unpack and come see us rock your face.

wed 8/24 – Fort Worth, TX Lola’s

thurs 8/25 – Kansas City, MO Californos

Fri 8/26 – St Louis, MO Schlafly Tap Room

Sat 8/27 – Carbondale, IL WDBX Summer Street Festival


May 23

June 11, Megafauna CD release, last show till August


Megafauna Albume Release show!

$5 advance (all ages), $6 door, $8 minors at door.
11:00-12:00  Megafauna (Album Release)
10:00-10:40  Migrant Kids
9:00- 9:30  Young Tongue
8:00- 8:30  The Warplanes
1:00-1:40  Perspectives on Energy
12:00-12:40  Chasca
10:30-11:00  Casual Strangers 
9:30-10:00  Opposite Day
8:30-9:00  Empire Machines
7:30-8:00  the dirty heat

Presented by: Pull String Events

May 19

the end of an era

Our show on June 11 at Empire Control Room will be our last one with the amazing drummer/percussionist Pat Kennedy. Pat has been an energetic collaborator and friend for 11 years. The band will continue on, made infinitely better by his massive contributions to our catalog and his raising the bar on our musicianship and songwriting. Do yourself a favor and go see him in one of his other projects soon! And stay tuned for the next full-length album that he contributed to. We are presently trying out new collaborators, and will be back full-force in August.

May 12

New Review of STR2 from France

Jean Philippe has been a big supporter of the band for many years, and recently put up a nice French-language review of our latest album Space Taste Race Part 2. Someday we’ll need to tour the Strasbourg area and hear the local sounds. They obviously have great taste there!Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 2.28.51 PM

Apr 26

Prog Night this Thursday 4/28

We’re excited to be part of an amazing Prog Night at Salvage Vanguard Theater this Thursday, April 28.

2803 Manor Rd, Austin, Texas 78722


10:00 The Mercury Tree
Heavy Avant prog from Portland, Oregon.
11:00 Stop Motion Orchestra
Post-RIO, Zappa + Cardiacs inspired instrumental wizards.
11:45 Opposite Day
Math-Pop/Prog-Metal masters. “Educational Art Rock for Animals”12524411_10154050854768908_8876511573949320620_n

Apr 26

Voyager fest 2015 Documentary

We were honored to perform at the first annual Voyager Festival in Austin in may of 2015. This is an excellent mini-documentary featuring lovely words and music pertaining to the event (and some incredible photography!). Enjoy!

Mar 30

Live Vids from Feb at the Hole

Phil Davidson on Invincible Czars fame was kind enough to make some videos of some of our February 2016 residency at Hole in the Wall. Featured songs include many from the next album, played with mistake-infused enthusiasm for an audience who hopefully didn’t know how the song was supposed to go anyway!

Feb 05

Hole In the Wall 2/10 with OMG WTF BBQ and live film scores

Opposite Day’s Februatriptothemoonry Wednesday Hole in the Wall Residency Continues with OMG WTF BBQ and live film scores.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Hole in the Wall this week. On Delay was monstrously good, and I’m pretty sure we got some good live recording sounds for future enjoyment. View Randy Kratzer’s video below for proof of prior vigorous rockage

February 10: 10pm, OMG WTF BBQ
9pm Opposite Day plays live scores for 2 classic Sci Fi films. TRON and A Trip To the Moon.



tronNews Yous Can Profusely Infuse with Obtuse Abuse

1. Megafauna has been confirmed to share the stage with us on the last day of the residency, Feb 24.
2. We got a super nice review of the latest album from Oliver Ardeti, a fantastic UK prog-blogger.
3. We’ve shared some mega special links to sites that have reviewed us or otherwise brightened our dark dark souls.
4. We have identified the artist for our next album cover, but it’s still a secret. It involves Pandas.

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