Greg Yancey – Bass and Vocals

Sam Arnold – Guitar and Lead Vocals

Eoghan McCloskey – Drums

Opposite Day is a progressive rock band formed in 2001 in Austin, TX. They specialize in dense jigsaw-puzzle art-pop songs that leverage agressive instrumentation, jazz complexity, and absurdist lyrics to create what they call “Educational Art-Rock for Animals”. They’ve self-produced about 10 albums thus far, mostly on their Future Banana Replacement label. They have been voted a top 10 experimental and/or punk band in the Austin Chronicle most years of their existence and have continued to push the boundaries rock thoughout their career. They like to drive up to Kansas and places like that to play shows. They all have cats.

Some highlights:

2017: I Calculate Great, an album with orchestral, prog-metal and funk influences, recorded by Greg, art by Tim Doyle

2017: 14 mics, 0 plans, volume 1 – an all-improvised live recording

2016: Eoghan McCloskey joins the band

2015: Space Taste Race Part 2, which contains a 7-song score to the silent classic “Voyage dans la lune”, recorded by Greg

2014: Live at the Hole in the Wall, a non-improvised live recording from 2 wonderful shows

2013: Space Taste Race Part 1, an EP co-produced and mixed by Dan Rathbun of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum

2012: Reindeer Flotilla, an alternate score to the original TRON recorded by Greg and Sam

2012: Unlike a Virgin, an album of covers of Madonna’s Immaculate Collection recorded by Greg

2010: Mandukhai, an EP with Burmese, Mongolian, Central Asian, and Latin influences recorded by Michael Crow and Greg

2009: What is Is?, super-good full length album recorded by Michael Crow and Greg

2007: Safety First, real good album recorded by Michael Crow and Greg

2005: Pat Kennedy joins the band

2005: Fictional Biology, HEY, good album recorded by Clayton Scott and Chris Kline

2005: music video for Girl Spy; Super Spy by Andy Sharp wins a prize

2003: Economics for Mr Ugly, not bad for a first album. Recorded by Chris Kline (Miranda Lambert)

2001: Opposite Day formed on World Meteorological Day by Greg Yancey, Sam Arnold and Ethan Herr


Photo by Erica Brokaw Oct 2014, Mohawk Austin, TX
Photo by Erica Brokaw Oct 2014, Mohawk Austin, TX

Greg Yancey plays bass and built the basses and guitars that Opposite Day plays. As an unorthodox multi-instrumentalist with experience with the art-rockers Megafauna, as well as Sweetmeat, Sam Arnold and the Secret Keepers and Sarah Sharp, Greg plays things on the bass that no ‘normal’ bassist would try. Greg repairs guitars and masters albums for other people too. But he’s busy now, so don’t ask him.

Photo by Erica Brokaw Oct 2014, Mohawk Austin, TX
Photo by Erica Brokaw Oct 2014, Mohawk Austin, TX

Sam Arnold, the lead singer, lyricist, and guitarist considers songwriting an industrial habit and guitar playing more effective than shouting. He has collaborated with Sarah Sharp and Sweetmeat as a sideman and composer, and likes to make solo albums non-stop, in styles ranging from Americana to metal and electronic. He plays bass in Austin progressive rock band Stop Motion Orchestra. He’s also composed a string quartet for the Golden Hornet project, and has produced and arranged Zirque Bois D’Arc’s debut album. For Opposite Day, plays his Yancey guitar through two amps at the same time in order to confuse predators.

Photo by Greg Yancey
Photo by Greg Yancey

Eoghan McCloskey joined the band on drums in late 2016. Born in Ireland to a musically accomplished family, Eoghan put down deep roots in the Texas metal community with Vex starting in 2000 and later Bat Castle and Dragonwrench. Later branching into Jazz and prog, Eoghan became a sought-after session and live player working with a diverse range of artists. He presently plays with Matt Butler’s avant garde big band project, End of the World Orchestra. He also continues to performs live with The Invincible Czars and to work as a live and recording session drummer with acts including the Mitch Chandler Trio, Cha Blasco, the Jon Klekman Quartet, Scottish Thunder, Your Friendly Ghost, Christopher Trebue Moore, MJ Torrance, and many others.