Some sites we love (and not just because they gave us love, but that definitely helps):

Progulator a music blog for the pseudo sophisticated listener.

Chromatique French-language prog review site

Oliver Arditi UK-Based News and reviews focussed on local, independent, leftfield, experimental, progressive or plain good music.

Baby Blue Reviews a German-language prog review site.

The Austin Chronicle, our hometown paper!

Sea of Tranquility, music for the new intellectual

Music From the Other Side of the Room Houston-based blog

Expose, exploring the boundaries of rock.

Voyager Fest, an Austin-based organization that promotes and supports experimental music.

Austin Current

The Deli 

New Prog Releases

Carbondale Rocks 

Houston Press

The Reluctant Band Leader

some older quotes:

– “what the Beatles might have sounded like if they’d been part of the video game generation” – Texas Music Matters

– “The seamless, quirky manner in which they glide between genres while maintaining a punk sensibility nearly makes these musicians the kindred Texan spirits of the Dismemberment Plan” – (Austin American Statesman)

– “like both gibberish and truth”…”an unruly, unpredictable stew as impressive as it is bewildering.” – Austin Chronicle

– “like something Mike Watt might have dreamed up if he were forced to listen to Frank Zappa records nonstop” –