EPK – 2018

Opposite Day’s New EP: Divide By Nothing

“…’The Only Way to Travel’, a real upbeat, funky, and creative track that’s really the highlight of this EP. Going from what sounds like Superlocrian to Whole-Tone, while keeping it all joyful, almost Zappalike or Bunglesque… The rest of Divide by Nothing is also full of the same kind of idiosyncrasies and eccentricities.” – canthisevenbecalledmusic.com

“…they navigate past labyrinthine intellectual stimulation into pure gape-mouthed joy. By never letting superlative prowess with tightly wound time changes overwhelm the feel and intent of the songs, the trio avoids prog rock’s eternal hobble.” – Greg Beets, Austin Chronicle (review of I Calculate Great)

“What, you might ask, is “math-pop”? It’s a lot like math-rock only more melodic than your average practitioner, so you have complex metric structures, interlocking lines on the bass and guitar, and precise coordination between all the parts.“ Jon Davis, Expose Online (review of I Calculate Great)

The Band

Opposite Day is a progressive rock band in Austin. They made a new EP! It’s called Divide By Nothing, and it’s the first (and last) studio album with drummer Eoghan McCloskey (Vex, End of the World Orchestra). The new music builds on bassist Greg Yancey and guitarist Sam Arnold’s 17 years of math-pop public service with a direct and energetic slab of metal, jazz, exotica, funk and punk-infused pop songs about science, science fiction, and facts that should be fiction.

The EP

These five songs represent the peak of the band’s songwriting with a lean and aggressive approach to production and performance. You’ll get the trademark pop hooks belted over tricky riffs and complex chords, and punctuated by creative fills, solos by all 3 players, and funny noises. The album was self produced with drums engineered by Michael Day and Adrian Benavides at AMP studios in south Austin.

The album is officially available digitally on September 20 on all streaming and download services.

The Show

Opposite Day celebrates the release of this EP on October 11 opening for Consider the Source at Empire Control Room. This will be the last show with Eoghan.

Oh no! Then what?

Then we’re doing a reunion show with our original drummer Ethan Herr in December 2018 to celebrate the 15th anniversary of our first album Economics for Mr Ugly. Then we’re going to start recording and touring with whomever our next drummer turns out to be. So while we’ll miss Eoghan, we won’t stop rocking.


Greg Yancey – Bass, backing vocals, production, builder of his own basses and Sam’s guitar. Greg plays or has played with Big Britches, Megafauna, Sam Arnold and the Secret Keepers, and many others

Sam Arnold – Guitar, lead vocals. Sam plays or has played withStarMind Ceremony,Stop Motion Orchestra, the Mispronunciation of Eoghan McCloskey, Lick Lick, Sarah Sharp, Vanilla Gorilla, Dream Eater, and many others

Eoghan McCloskey – Drums. Eoghan plays with Vex, End of the World Orchestra, The Invincible Czars, and many others

Contact: Sam Arnold