Bizarre B Q free show Saturday!

11018827_927178307314988_5190240821034242164_oThis will be an amazing afternoon for anyone who enjoys unusual rock and/or fake elephants.

Carousel Lounge, 1110 E 52nd, 1-6pm Saturday 3/21. FREE!

With fabulous bands:
1:00 – Fabryka (Bari, Italy)
1:50 – Opposite Day (Austin, TX)
2:30 – Muppletone (Austin, TX)
3:10 – Bumping Uglies Uglies (Austin, TX)
3:50 – Bee vs. Moth (Austin, TX)
4:30 – ECNO – El Conjunto Nueva Ola (Mexico City, Mexico)
5:10 – Run Tell Secrecy (Brussels, Belgium)

With fabulous food:
BOWL’d (home of the edible bowl)

With fabulous emcees:
The Progressive Cowboy and Professor Ted from KOOP 91.7 FM’s Virtual Noise