Hole In the Wall 2/10 with OMG WTF BBQ and live film scores

Opposite Day’s Februatriptothemoonry Wednesday Hole in the Wall Residency Continues with OMG WTF BBQ and live film scores.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Hole in the Wall this week. On Delay was monstrously good, and I’m pretty sure we got some good live recording sounds for future enjoyment. View Randy Kratzer’s video below for proof of prior vigorous rockage

February 10: 10pm, OMG WTF BBQ
9pm Opposite Day plays live scores for 2 classic Sci Fi films. TRON and A Trip To the Moon.



tronNews Yous Can Profusely Infuse with Obtuse Abuse

1. Megafauna has been confirmed to share the stage with us on the last day of the residency, Feb 24.
2. We got a super nice review of the latest album from Oliver Ardeti, a fantastic UK prog-blogger.
3. We’ve shared some mega special links to sites that have reviewed us or otherwise brightened our dark dark souls.
4. We have identified the artist for our next album cover, but it’s still a secret. It involves Pandas.

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