Back Atcha, December 29

15541502_10154884062298944_6110352868340965901_nGuess what?

It’s time for Opposite Day to rock at you again! It’s been since August, people.

Since the departure of the beloved Pat Kennedy from Opposite Day in June, we began auditioning new drummers. Then, immediately after Pat’s last show, Sam got a bad infection which caused partial temporary facial paralysis and tinnitus and a serious case of not feeling like doing a whole lot for a couple months.

Thanks to the gracious drummage of Dave Irish and the miracle of modern medicine, the band was able to keep their commitments in August and do a mini tour up to Illinois and Missouri plus a cool Voyager show at Sidewinder, however drummer auditions and booking took a back seat to healing and not canceling stuff.

Now that December has arrived and 2016 is coming to a welcome end, Opposite Day would like one last chance to rock you and show off our NEW DRUMMER, Eoghan McCloskey.

Thursday, December 29, Hole in the Wall

$5. 10pm – Opposite Day

11pm – Girling

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